Dental Clinics

CFC’s state of the art on-site Dental Clinic dream was realized after three years of planning, fund raising and construction. In 2019 alone, over $300,000 in dental care was provided free of charge to low-income adults and children. In addition to basic and general dentistry, we offer care in senior dentistry and pediatric dentistry, two unique specializations, with limited opportunities for dentures and orthodonture.

We also host a special Dental Day for low-income military veterans and their families each November near Veteran’s Day.

COVID has caused hundreds of private practice dental offices to close or sharply limit their hours. Low-income adults and children usually turn to hospital Emergency Rooms for dental emergencies because they have no other options, but now with COVID, the ER is definitely a risky place to be. Plus, ER staffs cannot solve a dental crisis for the long-term. But they can at least can pull a tooth and give pain medication… as well as a costly, prohibitive bill for care that the patient cannot pay. Our Dental Clinic leadership emphasizes preventative and continuity of care to prevent such drastic situations.

Unmet dental needs for people with no access to dentistry is at crisis levels in all of the communities we serve. The CFC Dental Clinic has become a major community health resource for these critically needed services.