Child and Youth Services

Dr. Spadaro Medical Clinic

Quality services for children and teens whose families are uninsured and struggling financially are an important focus and commitment here. Areas of our care include:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Physician appointments
  • Lab tests and diagnostic imaging
  • Audiology
  • Physicals
  • School outreach
  • Special needs resource facilitation

New at the CFC this year are exciting new services for uninsured teens who suffer with serious acne and are unable to afford treatment. We work with private practice dermatologists who generously donate this care, helping to change the course of these young lives.

Disfiguring acne has been identified as a major source of depression and social isolation in teenagers.

We seek to connect free services and support to low-income children and teenagers of every difficult life circumstance, including foster youth, those who are homeless and near-homeless and schoolchildren.

If you have children or teenagers experiencing anxiety or depression, or if you are interested in family counseling as a whole, please see our Community Counseling Resources.