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Donation and Funding

We invite you to consider your gift and become a donor to the Conejo Free Clinic. We are committed to an on-going fund development/donor outreach  program that highlights a wide variety of fund raising activities, including foundation, corporate and civic grants, donor appeals and cultivations, sponsorships, donor tours and receptions and our annual Golf Classic event of 26 years now.
CFC does not receive government funding. 

Because we must raise our operating budget from a concerned community each and every year,  we are deeply gratified by the level of concern for our cause that comes forth annually.  Our foundation supporters include The California Wellness Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, Alcoa Foundation and the Amgen Foundation.   The Cities of both Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village have supported our work for over 20 years.

We’re proud to share that 90% of a donor’s dollar goes directly to patient care. 

CFC’s annual cash operating budget is $512,000; plus additional non-cash support of over $1 million dollars in donated time and services from laboratory, imaging and medical supply companies, and from our doctors and other medical professionals. We are unique in that we cannot operate without our comprehensive in-kind (non-cash)  contributions. 

For some charities, in-kind support is helpful but not required for their services provision, but it is central to the Conejo Free Clinic. We’re proud to report that because of our donors, CFC is able to invest approximately $1.5 million dollars into the community each year.

To make a monetary donation directly to the Conejo Free Clinic you may:

Send a check made out to Conejo Free Clinic, 80 East Hillcrest Drive, #102, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

To donate online:

Use VISA or Master Card by any of the following methods:

1.Click here or on the " Donate Online" button above to make a one-time or repeat donation.
2. Call us at (805) 497-3575
3. Fax the info to (805) 497-4099
4. Come in person to the Clinic.
We need your name, address, account number, expiration date and gift amounts.

To make an "In-Kind" donation

Please call us at (805) 497-3575 to discuss whether your items can be used here.

"A family household can fall apart quickly when illness strikes.

All donations will receive a written thank you and receipt for your records. All donations are tax-deductible.