conejo Free Clinic

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Board of Directors

Our 15 member Board of Directors are men and women from our community. They are selected from a variety of backgrounds to give the board depth and expertise in dealing with if the Clinic. They meet monthly and perform financial oversight and set policy and objectives. They also sit on various committees depending upon their interests and backgrounds. The Executive Director reports to the board of directors.

Frank Baldino Jesse Cahill Rebecca Drago Patrick Cahalan

Frank Baldino

Jesse Cahill

Rebecca Drago Secretary

Patrick Cahalan Treasurer

Evan Friedmann Fred Sager Don Adler Michael Zapf D.P.M.


Fred Sager

Don Adler

Michael Zapf M.D.M

Dr-Frank-Dawson Cynthia Johnson Sarah Williams

Dr. Frank

Cynthia Johnson

Margo White

Sarah Williams