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Advocacy Services

Patient Advocates assist patients who go beyond our scope of care.

Patient Advocates are familiar with community resources and network/referral procedures, to guide patients to the appropriate care.

"When people feel that they have control over their own health management, it can propel them to take the extra steps they need that can be live saving."

What does a Patient Advocate do?

  • Works closely with the doctor to conduct careful and thorough patient care to obtain the information necessary to advocate effectively.
  • Initiate the necessary follow up treatment directly to the Ventura County Referral Center
  • Facilitates patient understanding of their treatment plan so they are prepared and know what to expect.
  • Explains and educates patients about their situation to improve their ability to make informed decisions about their care.

The Patient Advocate works closely in collaboration with the Ventura County Referral Center and the health care providers to clarify patient needs, investigating any additional needed resources, and making appropriate referrals and contacts on the patient’s behalf.