conejo Free Clinic

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The Conejo Free Clinic’s Medical Services Program serves 5,000+ patients each year with physician and nurse care, lab testing, imaging, prescriptions, referrals and follow up, all without charge.

Some of our patients literally haven’t seen a doctor in years. In the past two years, we have experienced a 90% increase in our total patient volume and the critical need for our services.

Over 400 three-hour clinics are staffed by our extraordinary all-volunteer medical team of 90+ doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and support staff. Our team consists of top professionals who have true generosity, compassion and desire to give back to a part of our community that is deeply suffering from the lack of medical care access. They come to us from Los Robles Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Amgen, UCLA and private practice. 

The Conejo Free Clinic and its rare medical model could not exist without this amazing volunteer team.

Our patients also receive comprehensive lab testing and imaging without charge through the discounted rates we receive from Quest Diagnostics and Rolling Oaks Radiology/MDI, Thousand Oaks, both industry leaders.  For patients whose needs go beyond our scope of care, we facilitate access to advanced care and provide the emotional encouragement needed to regain their lives. 

We serve the residents of Ventura County predominantly, but patients also come from parts of the adjacent northern Los Angeles County/San Fernando Valley. We provide care for individuals and families who do not have health insurance, do not qualify for a public assistance, and/or have such high insurance deductibles that they dangerously postpone crucial doctor appointments and diagnostic tests, often until it’s too late. 

Our patients include the poor and working poor, but it is important to note that patient needs encompass all income levels. Some are suffering from the crushing effects of an uncertain economy, job/insurance loss and/or financial reversal for the first time in their lives.  Our Medical Services Program works to find solutions for all.


Regardless of circumstances, all people find compassion, medical care and hope at the Conejo Free Clinic. 

The Conejo Free Clinic has achieved a 30+ year track record of patient care success as a California licensed free clinic since it began in 1976. We have two full-scale exam rooms, and an on-site CLIA certified lab.  We’re proud that with a paid staff of four and a modest cash budget, we are able to invest almost $1.5 million in quality, free medical care into our community.

CFC is a part of the Free Clinics of the Western Region, the largest professional association of free clinics in the U.S., formed to share ideas, best practices and support for the residents of California and eight western states.

The CFC operating budget for the coming year is $1,512,000:  $512,000 in cash plus an additional $1 million in donated services from medical professionals and service companies.  We are unique in that we cannot operate without our comprehensive in-kind support. For some charities, in-kind gifts are helpful but not required for their services provision as they are in a free clinic like ours.